2008 KLR-650
by Todd Vosper
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Welcome to our 2008 KLR-650 page!

We’ve decided to separate our ’08 KLR information from the normal Technical Insights
column since there is so much interest about this particular model. We also plan to put up
any new information as soon as we can, unlike Technical Insights which we try to put up
monthly, so stop by frequently to see if there’s any more news.

We should have an off-road evaluation by Elden by the end of the week, and we already
have plans for quite a few more projects/articles in the weeks to come.

One thing you won’t see is a magazine-type review on the general qualities of the bike.
Not that we don’t think this is important, but type “2008 KLR-650 reviews” into Google and
I’m sure you can find more information of this kind than you can read at one sitting. We will
be concentrating on suspension, maintenance, cross-over parts, and other specific areas
of interest.

We want to thank our good friends at
House of Motorcycles in San Diego. They’ve been
very supportive of our efforts to get this 2008. We’ve always had excellent relations and
dealings with House, and we’ll continue to work with them in the future. Thanks especially
to Sales Manager Sean Warner; Ray Bilbrey for getting the bike checked over and out the
door; Kim Rogozienski for keeping us from making a mess of the paperwork; and as
always, General Manager Andre Le Compte.

Thanks as always for stopping by, and keep checking from time-to-time for new articles on
the 2008!
Rod Morris, Todd Vosper, and Jay Bass pose with Top Gun's newest KLR
Rod Morris, Todd Vosper, and Jay Bass enjoy a fine SoCal Saturday morning
with Top Gun's newest KLR.
The '08 spends some time on the
Top Gun Motorcycles