Elden Tops 200,000 Miles on
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On a recent ride to Baja, Elden Carl logged his 200,000th mile on KLR-650's. The big
mile occurred on the return trip from Ensenada to Tecate, with Rod Morris and Todd
Vosper along to witness the event.

Elden's KLR's have performed well over the years, a testament to his maintenance
prowess and attention to detail. The only failures he has had, besides flat tires and
normal wear-and-tear, have been attributed to faulty or poor OEM parts installed by the
manufacturer. Elden's track record of over 250,000 crash-free, multisurface miles on
KLR-650's and DR-650's (and over 80,000 miles on DR-350's) clearly illustrates the
importance of proper bike set-up.
Elden and his multisurface KLR after logging 200,000 miles on KLR-650's
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