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Elden "Old Top Gun" Carl

Elden has over 50 years riding on and off-road. A trophied rider in the
Tecate 500 and with years of Baja experience, he is widely recognized as a
true multisurface expert. A proven innovator as a motorcyclist, he can back
up his ingenuity in the shop with his riding on any curve - paved or dirt.
Possibly less well-known among riders, but no less impressive, is his status
as one of the five recognized "Masters" of modern combat handgunning. He
shot alongside handgun legends Thell Reed, Rex Chapman, Jeff Cooper,
and Jack Weaver, and won the "Leather Slap" international quick-draw
competition from 1960-1962. Many of his techniques have become common
practice with military and law enforcement shooters the world over.

Elden is the creative mind behind many well-known KLR innovations, to

Todd "Deuce" Vosper

Todd is an up and coming rider with 20 years under his belt as a Marine jet
pilot. He was one of the first instructors selected for the introduction of the
radar-equipped Harrier, and was a Harrier instructor at the Marine Aviation
Weapons and Tactics squadron. He also flew UC-12 and UC-35 utility
aircraft and instructed in both. The culmination of his flying career was a
deployment to Qatar in 2005 where he flew the UC-35 (an unarmed Cessna
business jet) into airfields across the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia,
including the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan. He has a Masters degree in
Business Administration and handles the day to day operations of the
business as well the website. With many interesting parallels between
motorcycling and flying, he brings a unique perspective to Top Gun
Motorcycles. And whenever he can, he tries to keep up with Old Top Gun.
The Top Gun Crew
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