Top Gun DR650 Tachometer
and Bracket
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DR-650 Tachometer Kit
The DR650 Tachometer kit
A Top Gun kit ready for action!
Ever miss having a tachometer on your DR650?

Top Gun is now offering a complete tachometer kit for the DR650. The kit contains the

  • Lithium battery-powered digital tachometer
  • Computer designed and black anodized bracket
  • Upgraded fasteners
  • Custom length wiring for the DR650
  • Spiral-wrap wire covering for protection
  • Easy to follow instruction sheet

Features of the Top Gun Tachometer Kit

The tachometer is a fully sealed, self-contained unit with a digital RPM display. When
the engine is not running, the display switches to an engine hour-meter displaying total
engine run time. The unit is powered by a 3 volt lithium battery that should last 5 years
or more! Because it is self-contained, there's no need to tap into your DR's electrical
system. The tachometer uses an antenna wire wrapped several times around the
outside of the spark plug wire to calculate RPM - making installation a breeze!

The bracket mounts directly to the handlebar clamps, and upgraded handlebar
mounting bolts are provided. The bracket is designed to fit either the forward mounting
bolts (standard handlebar) or rear bolts (aftermarket handlebar with no crossbar) as

Our new tachs retain the best features of our two older models. The .5 second update
rate ensures steady and accurate readings, and the timer now features a total hours
(non-resettable) function as well as a second, resettable interval timer. The combined
package, with fasteners, wire covering, etc., weighs only 12 ounces!  "Baja Tested" with
outstanding results!

Proper functioning of the tachometer is greatly enhanced by using fresh, properly
gapped spark plugs, along with ensuring your spark plug wires and caps are in good
condition. Fewer wraps of the antenna wire are "better" and will reduce the chance of
picking up too much signal which can cause an erroneous display. We recommend
trying 3 wraps, while keeping enough slack in the antenna wire for a fourth if needed.
The antenna wire can then be trimmed to the proper length.

The tachometer has a one-year limited warranty if it fails to function properly due to a
defect in materials or workmanship. Damage to wires due improper care, use, or
modification is not covered.

How to use the interval timer:

  • To view Interval time push the SELECT button once. After approx 10 sec, timer
    display will return to Total hours.
  • To reset Interval time, first ensure Total hours are displayed (TOT will be
    displayed in upper left corner). If not, press SELECT until Total hours are
    displayed. Then:
  1. Push and HOLD the SELECT button for 7 seconds.
  2. While holding the button, the display will show RESET (upper right corner)
    and hours accumulated on the current interval. When you release the
    SELECT button, the JOB display will reset to 00:00. The next interval will
    begin timing.

Please note:

  • Do not wrap the red wire so close to that spark plug that engine vibration will
    allow it to move and come into direct contact with metal portion of the spark plug.
  • The bracket was designed to fit the stock handlebar mounting clamps.
    Aftermarket clamps or risers may require some modification.
  • Caution: Keep wire clear of extremely hot engine parts such as the muffler, etc.
    Wire damage (cuts or burns) will cause the wire to short and your tachometer will
    stop working. Wire damage is not under warranty.
  • The wire lead from the tachometer is coaxial and should not be modified.
  • The antenna wire should not touch any metal part of the spark plug. This is
    nearly impossible with our kit, but something to keep in mind while
    troubleshooting a maintenance problem or when servicing your bike.
What's NEW!
New kits are no longer available for purchase; Top Gun will continue to
provide customer service and honor all warranties for existing customers.
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