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Feb 2013

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a successful 2012 and wishing for
you and yours an even better 2013. Luckily we are multisurface riders so
we shouldn't have any problem negotiating the fiscal cliff. MMP has a new
DR650 product out, please click
HERE and check the bottom of the Chassis
and Drive page.

Pauline and Elden plan to do some serious riding this year, and thanks to
technology, we'll be able to track them along the way. We'll be posting our
own version of "Where in the World is Pauline Read". If you'd like to see
where Pauline (and Elden and their riding compatriots) are right now,

Hope to see you on (or off!) the road soon. Ride Safe!
Our Mission
We promise to provide you unbiased information and top-quality products to
make your machine as capable as possible. If we find a competitor's product
that works well, or if we find one of our own products lacking, you can be
sure we will inform you in either case. If you have a question that is not
addressed in the Contact Patch or Technical Insights, or if you would like to
see a review or get an opinion on a particular product or motorcycle, please
don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
New This Month!

Aug 13
Technical Insight - KLR Valve and Balancer Adjustment Tips.  

ep 13  Fuel For Thought - Elden Ponders posers on pegs.

Aug 12
Contact Patch - Check Six!
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