Mel Clark’s 2007 KLR650 Rotor Problem

Todd’s Note: We had Elden pull double duty this month with FFT and Technical Insights. 
This is a short article, but we thought it was important to get the word out.


Kenny “M” of KBM Motoworks (760 481-5341) finished his adjustment procedure of Mel’s 
750 mile 2007 KLR valves. After replacing the cover etc., he headed for the balancer 
system intending to install a 2008 factory doohickey, MMP custom spring, and an 
inspection port when he ran into trouble.

After removing the rotor bolt, Kenny installed the rotor puller, but before torque could be
applied the rotor slid right off of its tapered shaft (no puller needed).  We contacted the 
Service Manager at House of Motorcycles in San Diego who scheduled Mel for the next 

The mechanic removed  the rotor, found the high spot, and carefully lapped the two parts 
until they fit properly.  Kenny “M” will have to pull the rotor again in order to upgrade the 
balancer system; so Kawasaki gets to sell another bolt.

As I’ve said many times, the KLR650 has gone down hill since it went to Thailand, not that 
fit and assembly quality were that good out of Japan.  If you buy a KLR650, have 
someone good like Kenny “M” pull the covers and make the necessary improvements and