Mel’s Back in the U.S.A.

by Elden Carl

MSM Squadron 1 member Mel Clark has headed back south from Canada, but it almost
didn’t happen. Seems like our Homeland Security wanted more than a passport from
England and he came up short on paperwork.  They finally gave him 3 months to visit
and then he must leave.

Mel’s plan is to enjoy the western U.S. before heading south of the border again; but
only after a full KLR650 tune up from Kenney “M”.

This time Mel will travel South America which should easily make him the most traveled
motorcyclists of our hemisphere.

Sometimes Size Does Matter, by Rod Morris 
Riding partner Elden Carl recently bought a pair of Scorpion EXO gloves that he liked
very much and I decided to give them a try also.  I tried on his size large gloves and was
surprised that they fit me fairly well since I have always worn XL gloves. Elden did say
that they were a bit snug when he first tried them but that they loosened up with wear. 
Just to be sure on the fit, I ordered a pair of extra large (10 1/2-11) and looked forward
to getting a new pair of gloves. Elden picked up the new gloves for me and I took them
home expecting to use them on a ride the next day.  When I tried them on prior to the
ride I was surprised to find that they were extremely tight and my fingers were jammed
against the ends.  I remembered what Elden said about his being snug at first, so on
they went – and off I went – on the street ride.  After about an hour of riding I started
noticing that my hands were cramping and that two of my fingers were going to sleep. I did two other street rides with the same result but the real test was an overnight Baja
ride.  I brought my old gloves as back-up.  Well, it didn’t take long for the cramping
hands and sleepy fingers to appear again, but I didn’t use my old gloves as I was
determined to get these new gloves stretched out to where they were comfortable.  It
never happened.After two unanswered e-mails to Scorpion I finally got through to Customer Service on
the phone and they assured me that I could return the gloves to where they were
purchased (House of Motorcycles) and just re-order a pair of XXL.   Speaking of House
of Motorcycles; I want to thank Parts Manager Steve Harber and Bronson Fegurgur for
going way out of the way to help resolve this matter.  I was happily surprised that they
went to all that trouble for an inexpensive pair of gloves.  Now that’s what I call good
customer relations.

I had been considering a new helmet, so while at House I decided to try on a Scorpion
helmet.  Again I chose an XL size like all my other helmets.  I couldn’t even get it started
over my head.  The XXL was a little better but still wouldn’t go on.  The XXXL did go on
and felt fine but I still ordered a different brand because I was afraid of facing the same
return problem with Scorpion.  

I’m not criticizing Scorpion products; as a matter of fact I think they make some good
quality stuff at reasonable prices but they sure do need to have better control of sizing
gloves and helmets to fit American body parts.  

I usually try on any apparel type products before ordering them, but in this case I
“assumed” XL is XL for every brand.  We’ve all heard about “assuming” anything and I
really blew it on this one, so take a lesson from my mistake when buying helmets, gloves
or clothing.  Don’t “assume” your normal size will always fit and check on the return
policy too.