How It All Started and Who Are We

There seems to be some confusion about “who is Top Gun?” “Who is MMP?” and “Who
do I contact for questions or products?” I’ll try to confuse you some more; actually it’s

In late 2002 Elden Carl met a KLR650 rider Mark B. who became interested in all the
KLR knowledge that Elden possessed. Mark was a wiz with computers and offered to set
up a web site and post articles from Elden about the KLR650. This was an easy task for
Elden as he had written articles for what is now “Dual Sport News” back in the 1990s.

The web site not only contained articles but started including “how to” procedures and
descriptions of the many custom parts that Elden developed for his own bike. It didn’t
take long before some of the site readers were inquiring about how they could get the
same improvements that Elden was writing about. This sparked the idea of starting a
KLR650 products business through the web site which became multisurfacemotorcycling.

Several years later, Todd Vosper (Marine Pilot) came along and joined our group. The
original web site, had grown a lot and webmaster Mark was
getting overwhelmed with keeping up with the site and working a full time job so we made
a change.  Todd (now retired) developed the current web site,
and the products pages were re-located there. You can still go to the original site and
view past articles, procedures, other site links and travel information. (Todd’s note – we
have the original Fuel For Thought articles from included
in our “Articles Index” here.)

When you go to the Top Gun home site there are a number of options to choose from.
For viewing and ordering products there is a large yellow box on the left side of the page
that says, “MMP PRODUCTS”, click on that. If you send requests to Top Gun, Todd will
forward them to MMP. On the left side of each products page it has “HOW TO ORDER”.
When you go there it will be in an “e-mail” format and that’s what you use to order
products. There are 3 basic questions to answer for your quote request, 1. What product
(s) you want, 2. A shipping address, and 3. Method of payment (PayPal, check or money
order only). MMP will compute your order and return a total quote including where to
send PayPal ( or address for check or money
order. Orders often ship the same day if received early or no later than the next day
unless it’s a holiday or Sunday. Most orders take 3-5 days for arrival, overseas 6-10

For orders requesting overnight or soonest, we’ve found that no matter which carrier is
used or how much extra you pay, the order still takes 3 days (maybe two with luck). Once
a package leaves MMPs hands you fall into the mercy of the system but there’s a 98%
chance there will be no trouble receiving your order in a timely manner.

For questions of any kind you can use or and if you like talking to a real person, call 619

Doohickey Brouhaha, by Rod Morris

A big topic of conversation lately on some of the KLR650 sites has concerned the good
old doohickey. The only information I have is what I read on these sites and we all know
how accurate that might be.

Seems like a well known vendor was accused of selling doohickey parts which I assume
the accuser feels is wrong in some way. There may have been an agreement between
the parties involved to not do this dastardly deed but we don’t know that. There was an
indication that some sort of time frame may have been involved; maybe they need a
lawsuit to sort this out. What a waste of good money (except for the Attorneys) that
would be. Kawasaki didn’t go after Jake when he developed and sold (the first) his
improved doohickey, nor did Kawasaki or Jake go after Eagle when that doohickey was
offered. To my knowledge there has never been a patent or any other legal document
stopping anyone from reproducing or selling their version of the doohickey.  I’m safe
though; MMP sells the genuine Kawasaki 08′ Gizmo because we feel it is the best
available. I like to call it the “Gizmo” because it’s a new factory part from Kawasaki
starting in 08′ and now you can tell which lever is which. I guess there won’t be any
brouhaha over who makes and sells it.