Bullet Proof KLR650 In Trouble

Luis T. of San Diego, CA called me the other day stating his late model KLR650 with only
25,000 miles was using 1 quart of oil every 1,000 miles. Luis had called me a couple of
years ago about a noisy “A” model engine which was partially fixed, and just in time, by
an aftermarket “doohickey”.

Now his oil consumption has gone through the roof. Luis told me he bought his KLR650
because he had been told it was “bullet proof” and he couldn’t believe the trouble he was
now having.

I explained that the stock KLR650 is anything but bullet proof, especially where the
piston, Cylinder sleeve, and balancer system are concerned.  I quickly followed by
assuring him that all of the above problems could be fixed by installing the following parts:


  • An MMP forged piston of stock bore.
  • An improved cylinder liner (from MMP).
  • A 2008 to present “doohickey”, MMP custom adjustable extension spring and a
    Wexman/Carl inspection port.
  • Installing only the best quality motorcycle specific oil (preferably full synthetics)
    and high quality oil filters (washable stainless oil filters do not qualify because the
    don’t filter well enough).
  • Top quality MMP valve seals.

With proper engine set-up, maintenance and conservative control of the throttle, your
KLR650 can live a long happy life. If you have a stock off the showroom floor KLR650E
(2008-present) and you over gear, overload and ride the hell out of it, all bets are off.

NOTE:  We do not gear higher than 15/44 and do not cruise above 5,000 rpm for long