Mis-drilled Shaft Hole

The Skipper recently gave me a print out concerning a factory machining error in the
inner left cover of some “E” Model KLRs (2008 -2009).

For a compulsive the fix would be to carefully measure the depth of the hole to
determine the exact length of the error followed by having an aluminum plug with a
slight interference fit machined.  Now heat the cover to 180 degrees and cool the plug
in a freezer.  Once driven into place using a plastic mallet and the shaft for a special
tool, you can forget you ever had a problem.

By the way, the problems with using a ball bearing are two-fold:

  1. The difficulty getting the correct length and diameter at the same time.
  2. The possibility of having the sphere roll out of the hole and bounce into a
    troublesome location when the cover is later removed for service purposes.

A piece of neoprene hose should work as long as it is resistant to possible deterioration
caused by exposure to a heat and oil environment.

Neoprene fuel line comes in a variety of diameters and is tough stuff.   Additionally it
will compress if you the make it a little too long.  On the other hand a metal plug that is
too long can at a minimum cause an oil leak.

A better idea than all of the above is to get Kawasaki to repair or replace your parts.
After all, it is a factory defect and not a broken or worn out part that is normally covered
under warranty.  Good Luck.