Tex Ernhardt Baja Ride

On Wednesday January 16th 2013, Tex Ernhardt, triple threat master rider/driver/pilot Bruce Redding and a dozen friends took off from Phoenix, AZ on the 14th Annual Tex Ernhardt “No Toro” (No Bull in English) Baja ride from Phoenix to Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur. Since the ride really gets cookin after on overniter in Ensenada, Pauline and I planned to be at Mariscos Bahia de Ensenada for dinner with Tex, Bruce and the group of motorcyclist friends.

Tina Jones, President of Vida Nueva Baja Ministries had asked Board Member Pauline Read to deliver some funds to three needy Christian institutions between the border and San Vicente (150 miles from our home in La Mesa). Faced with a 300 mile Baja day including a nite drive from Ensenada after dark, we took the Camry. Everything came off without a hitch which allowed us to have dinner with the Tex/Bruce group at the best fish restaurant on the planet, Mariscos Bahia de Ensenada. Rafael Rendon Rico and two of his assistants did a superb job delivering the great food and drinks. Muchisimas gracias “Rafa”.

We at Top Gun take our hats off to Tex “NO Bull” Ernhardt who at 82 still knows how to enjoy life to the hilt. Having a friend like Bruce Redding who among his Reno Air Race and a dozen motorcycle road race wins has a Mexican 4-wheeled race win and most recently a podium finish in a major Mexican endurance car race. Bruces’ organization skills and thousands of two and four wheeled miles racing and riding south of the border, make him the perfect guy to pull off an event like Tex Ernhardts 14th Annual Baja “NO Toro” ride. Congratulations “Tex” for being a fun guy and consummate adventurer.