Rear Shock Service/Rebuild

Application: Kawasaki KLR650 ’87 – Present

Prices: Email or call 619 971-7952 for pricing.

Rebuild All Models

We Accept PayPal, Check or Money Order

We’ve found that a Basic Service most often should actually be a rebuild. We would like customer to pre-approve replacement of these parts prior to sending shock: Seal Head, “O” ring.

Please provide bike year and mileage.

To determine proper spring weight, we use total LOAD weight that’s on the bike as if you ride every day.   That’s you getting out of bed and 20 lbs of normal riding gear.   Also, any other ADDED weight like boxes, bags, bars, guards, braces, racks, tools, food, water etc.   Don’t include OCCASIONAL loads like passenger, camping or trip gear.   Only daily type loads.

How to Order