Acerbis Supermotard Fender

We are generally not fans of most aftermarket parts. Not that we are necessarily fans of the major manufacturers either, but we often find that aftermarket parts lack the quality, and more commonly, the fit of the original factory part. Additionally, customer service can be spotty. We try very hard at Top Gun to ensure our parts are high quality, fit well, and we stand behind our products. By the way, if you ever have any problems with any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enter the Acerbis Supermotard fender. We were searching for a fender that would still provide adequate off-road protection while being a little more aerodynamic. The KLR and DR front fenders have a reputation for acting like a sail in crosswinds. The Acerbis fender can be had in various colors to closely match most paint schemes.  The fender is stiffer, provides adequate protection,  provides increased ventilation through several slots in the rear of the fender, and looks great. We liked the fenders so well that we designed a template which was laser cut at Chapman Engineering in Santa Ana. (Chapman Engineering is another great company and highly recommended!)

Note – I also tried the Supermoto EVO fender, but because the additional vents on top of the fender place the body of the fender lower over the front tire, I experienced some tire/fender contact near full suspension compression on my previous 2006 DR650. If you are riding off-road, I would stick with the basic Supermotard fender.

As I mentioned, it is sometimes tough to find good aftermarket parts with solid customer support. In my case, my fender started to crack. Knowing that sometimes this can be the result of a batch of bad plastic, I contacted Acerbis’ US office in Sun Valley, Idaho. I talked with Adam Quarles who asked for a couple of pictures of the cracks. Within a day of receiving the pictures, Adam was shipping a replacement fender.

This wasn’t an issue of a warranty replacement. This was a company that realized a customer probably received a part that wasn’t up to their normal quality and stood behind it, without question. Incidentally, I had previously contacted Acerbis to get a replacement part for the Dual Road handguards on my Versys – they didn’t send the part… they sent a handful.

Bottom line, we like the Acerbis Supermotard fender and we like working with Acerbis. They will continue to get our business and we hope you will give them yours as well. It’s important to let a company know when you are dissatisfied, but it’s more important to reward good companies with your business – that benefits all customers.

If you’d like to check out the fenders, go to The quickest way I found is to use the product search feature with “supermotard” as the key word. You should be able to get your local dealer to order one, and of course you can find them online at various vendors.

Thanks Adam, and thanks Acerbis!