Speedo Cable Service

Japanese speedos are very reliable as long as you don’t abuse them or store them upside down. However, like other things on a motorcycle, speedometer cables do need periodic maintenance. If your speedo needle bounces a little when you’re underway, it could bethat the inner cable is dry.

Speedo cable service is easy:

  1. Simply disconnect the cable at the speedo box, which is usually on the right side of the wheel hub. (Note: Be careful to not lose the tiny washer sometimes found on the south end of the cable.)
  2. Carefully clean and inspect the inner cable for excessive wear, rust, etc. If it’s bad replace it.
  3. If the cable is good put some high quality #2 moly grease in one hand and apply lube as you rotate it and feed it back into the outer cable. (Note: Don’t use gobs of lube especially on the tip that goes up into the speedometer.)
  4. Insert the south end of the cable back into the speedo box and secure it. Job completed!


O.K. I’ll confess! The reason this article is being written at this time is because my dirt TG-644 speedo needle recently developed a slight bounce between 50 and 60 m.p.h. I quickly cleaned and lubed the inner cable and the needle stopped bouncing immediately.

As we all know, things work better when they are regularly maintained.