It’s a Small World

It Is Indeed a Small World. The other day I took off on one of my short mountain loops of about 50 miles. About half way through the ride as I headed uphill on Honey Springs Road I noticed a motorcycle following me. Not knowing if the rider was familiar with the many curves ahead of us, I sped up rather than get involved in the passing game. For the next six or seven miles the unidentified rider and I played yo-yo through the curves. I could tell that the guy had good horsepower, as he would close in on the straight-aways. With my TG644 single horsepower disadvantage in the wind, I slowed and moved to the right side of my westbound lane in the first long straightaway. Instead of passing me the rider, who was on an “oldie but goody” CB750 Honda, waved me to the side of the road. The rider turned out to be none other than Marilyn Prince’s daddy Buster Prince, whom I had not seen for many years. Buster is one of the “old guy” legendary San Diego motorcyclists, who continues in the tradition set by the late Rebel Hubbard. Buster and I initially talked about our motorcycles, then the conversation got around to discussing our ages. Turns out that at 79 I have a few years on Buster who is in his mid-seventies. We both agreed that we were having more fun than could normally be expected of a couple of septuagenarians. Fifteen years ago a 60 year old Buster Prince and his friend Jim Chuto did a 2500 mile Baja trip on a couple of DR350’s. While in Cabo San Lucas they met Stephano Miotto, the owner of La Dolce Vida Italian restaurant. To quote Buster: “Stephano asked us about our trip and said he bought his motorcycle, a KLR650, in San Diego. Since I knew that Elden Carl was the guru of KLR650’s, I asked him who he bought it from. Small world! He bought it from Elden Carl, a mutual friend. Good day, interesting 1400 miles so far.” Like I said, it is indeed a small world. I have built only four motorcycles for south of the border. Two TG644’s and one KL650-AB went to “Cuco” Villiarios of Mexico City. The fourth, a KL650-A went to Stephano Miotto of Cabo San Lucas. Buster Prince gets around but I bet he won’t find Cuco or Kevin Quine of New Zealand who wants Top Gun to build him a KL650-A. You’ll notice I’m not betting real money.