Shocks and Springs and Things

We are fortunate to have Rod Morris and Multisurface Motorcycle Products on this website. Not only has Rod been an excellent multisurface motorcyclist for about half a century but he is very knowledgeable about KLR’s and DR650’s.

The shock service that Rod offers at MMP is reasonably priced and expertly conducted  by Ed Runnels who has rebuilt hundreds of KLR650 rear shocks. One of Top Gun’s high quality springs can also be installed with the service. What is not generally known is that Rod also offers shock service for the DR650 including a heavy duty 7.2 kg Top Gun spring if needed.

Unlike the KLR650 which has an emulsion dampening system (gas and oil mixed), the DR650SE comes with a gas shock. Some folks believe that rear shocks never need to be serviced unless they start to leak fluid. WRONG! Beautiful light golden shock fluid that is installed at the factory or MMP can turn pitch black with contaminants, which increase component wear and degrades dampening. Of course off-road riding shortens shock oil life even more rapidly.

We at Top Gun do what we have to in pursuit of excellence: re-engineer, invent and improve until the instrument is as good as it can be for the job it has to do. If you are interested in any or all of the improvements we have made to our KLR650’s and DR650SE’s over the past 27 years, that information has been covered in the many articles available on this website. Just click on the “Technical Insights” category on the site and check out the articles we have posted there.

Take advantage of our accumulated 100 plus years of motorcycle experience and knowledge to help you accomplish your goal of owning the best performing KLR650 or DR650SE.