Yamaha WR250R

(Editors Note: As you’ll see in the opening paragraph, this article was meant for
publication last summer. We apologize for the delay – we “lost” the article somewhere in
the email “ether” but will follow up soon with more articles on the WR!)

Our new 2009 Yamaha WR250R was purchased on August 29th 2009 from House of
Motorcycles in San Diego, CA (619 229-7700). Sean Warner, General Sales Manager

for “the House” as we call it, located the bike and arranged for its delivery and

Kevin Bosley, House’s set-up guy, is the best there is at preparing motorcycles for sale.
He is not only an excellent wrench, but he takes great pride in doing things correctly
right down to filling premium gas where it’s required (like the WR250R). In other words,
Kevin “gives a “s—!”.

The first thing I did when I arrived home from my trip down surface streets was to drain
the oil and install Spectro Platinum 4 Full Synthetic motorcycle oil (15w-50). Jim Hackl,
President of Millinium Technologies, the N.S.C. people recommended full synthetic be
used for break-in of the DR650 in order to avoid vertical cylinder scratches and it
worked so well we decided to do the same for the WR250R.

During the initial 350 miles on the clock, riding in cool mountain air very early in the