One-Handed Point Shooting Technique

As I wrote in a previous article Thell Reed and I dominated the Leatherslap from the one-handed point position for six straight years until we both retired. Five out of six of those matches were held at 21 feet. Only one was held at 15 feet which is a much more practical distance according to most important studies of police shootouts. A 1960’s study concluded that approximately 85% of Los Angeles shootouts occurred under 15 feet in dim or no light. It is my opinion that because most pistol training programs remained mired at the 21 foot line for all short range work, the most important technique Thell Reed and I ever employed, the one-handed point, may be lost forever.

Elden Carl in 1962 exhibiting the one-handed point position for close range.

With his Colt 45 Peacemaker Thell won the 15 foot, 1963 Leatherslap, which I helped LtCol Cooper direct. Exhibiting his spectacular speed and point shooting skill, Thell proved again why he should be considered the best, and why the one-handed draw, point,