Motorcycle Engine Break-In

I have no idea how many motorcycle engines I have broken in since I bought my first, a Triumph in 1955. I do know, however, that I always followed factory recommendations with good results, I assumed.

In 2011 I purchased two Suzuki DR650SE’s, one for the dirt and one for the street. Prior to beginning my set-up procedure I needed to break in the engine. I was worried about the factory suggestion that I use a petroleum blend motorcycle oil for break-in, so I decided to call Jim Hackl, the founder of Millennium Technologies Company, the NSC experts. In short Mr. Hackl informed me that Suzuki used chrome rings in their DR650SE’s and NSC coated aluminum cylinders, and that I risked getting vertical scratches and poor oil consumption if I used anything but the very best full synthetic motorcycle oil. He further warned me not to use the choke on my carbureted DR except in cold weather conditions, and then only for a moment until I could take control with the throttle, thereby preventing thinning of the oil film due to excessive fuel richness.

I followed Mr. Hackl’s instructions on both motorcycles, draining the factory oil from the engines and replacing both oil filters before start-ups. I then installed the proper amount of of Maxima Max