One Man’s Quest for Pistol Shooting Excellence, Part 2

This is Part 2 of Elden’s article; please see Part 1 from July here.

Early on the August weekend morning of the 1959 Leatherslap, I mounted my motorcycle, a 1955 A.J.S. 500cc British single, and headed north on Highway 395, a two lane road that now runs adjacent to a huge freeway. As I approached San Bernardino I headed into the mountains and began a twisty climb from near sea level to an approximate elevation of 7000 feet. As I entered Big Bear City I stopped at the first store I saw and noticed several guys standing around in the parking lot wearing quick draw rigs. I walked up to a fellow who was wearing a holstered Peacemaker and introduced myself. When I asked him for directions to the Leatherslap, he replied,