Protect Your Suzuki DR650SE Starter Torque Limiter!!!

Sixty-two years and more than a million miles later, the best motorcycle I’ve ever owned is sitting in my garage. It’s not for sale and you can’t buy one like it or build one unless you know how to make the more than three dozen improvements that took place over a 15 year evolution. Some of these improvements required help from experts like Vey de la Cruz (the best motorcycle engine builder and tuner I’ve ever known), Stig Pettersson (PPS/Ohlins suspension icon), Chuck MacDonald (metal fabricating whiz), Steve Murray (IMS), and seats by Seat Concepts.

There are some components I could not improve by modification or redesign, for instance, the starter torque limiter or starter clutch. This is a small starter gear that is built like a clutch with stacked alternating metal and fiber plates that are designed to slip if the engine backfires during the starting procedure, thereby preventing the crankcase from sustaining any damage like a