Multitasking… Really?

Honest… I had collected several articles for source material about multitasking but it
seems that while I was reading those, emailing readers, doing my nails, and walking the
dog… I managed to misplace them. Can I ask you to trust me?

A few months back I had the idea to do an article on multitasking. Elden had asked me
about flight training and flying, my wife had forwarded an interesting article on
multitasking, and I had witnessed several multitasking failures on the freeway during my
commute. Suddenly, Brian Catterson, editor of Motorcyclist, penned an article on a couple
of near misses he had experienced recently, and almost simultaneously, Fred Rau wrote
an article in Motorcycle Consumer News about the same topic. What was happening out
there that everyone was suddenly interested in multitasking?

For motorcyclists, our concerns about multitasking usually revolve around being aware of,
and avoiding, the 4-wheeled multitaskers we meet on the road. As Catterson and Rau
both noted, drivers on cell phones and other devices are NOT driving as well as they
probably think. As an example, I was riding on the freeway in an adjacent lane but offset
from a man in a truck talking on the phone. He probably didn’t notice, but even though he
was staying safely in his lane his speed was varying significantly. Now, maybe he’s one of
those drivers who can’t keep a steady speed, but I’ll be dollars to donuts it was because
he was trying to maintain focus on his lane while driving and talking, and speed dropped
out of his scan.

Speaking of scan, this is a subject that seems simple but really could use some thought.
What’s your scan pattern