Product Highlight – Top Gun KLR650 Chainmaster

KLR-650 Chain Master Upper Chain Run Control Device*
(*Engineered using a stock KLR-650 with properly adjusted chain.)


You know we are big fans of the KLR-650 and we think it’s one of the two finest big-bore multisurface motorcycles on the market. For some reason though, the folks at Kawasaki have produced a motorcycle for off-road use with minimal lower, and absolutely NO upper, chain run control. Look at any other off-road bike, like the DR-650, and you’ll find some sort of chain control, most commonly rollers. Elden noticed this problem more than ten years ago and installed his own chain roller. The only problem with Elden’s method was that it required some nifty handiwork to drill precisely through the sub-frame to provide a location for installation. Fast forward to 2006, and we asked Old Top Gun to take another look to find an easier solution. What you see here is the culmination of a lot of research, a lot of time with a KLR-650 up on the lift, some fine work by the good folks at MacDonald Products in San Diego, and another tangible example of Elden’s innovative problem solving ability. This is our first