Meet the Top Gun Crew

The term “multisurface motorcycle” was coined by “Old Top Gun” Elden Carl. Our philosophy at Top Gun Motorcycles is that motorcycling is really just one sport – having fun on two wheels no matter where you are riding. “Multisurface motorcycle” immediately conveys the image of using one bike to ride various types of surfaces, the objective of which is to get the rider from one place to another no matter what challenges the road or trail has to offer.

We started this site and company because we love to ride and because we wanted to provide you with the best parts and components possible for your motorcycle. Besides having hundreds of thousands of miles on multisurface motorcycles, decades of riding equals hundreds of personal contacts and we have access to some of the brightest and most talented motorcycle technicians anywhere.

We have no hidden agenda, we won’t try to sell you a product you don’t need. We will only sell the highest quality, most effective products that we can develop. And you can be sure that everything will have been tested in the field and found
to be not only useful, but superior to any similar product on the market. If our product is not superior or has no advantage – we’ll tell you to buy something else.

Our current focus is on the KLR-650 and DR-650 because we feel they are the best big-bore multisurface motorcycles available. If you’d like to see us expand our efforts to YOUR favorite bike, please let us know.

As fighter pilots say, “check your six” (watch your tail), and ride safely!

Todd “Deuce” Vosper

Todd is an up and coming rider with 20 years as a Marine jet pilot. He was one of the first instructors selected for the introduction of the radar-equipped Harrier and was a Harrier instructor at the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics squadron. He also flew UC-12 and UC-35 utility aircraft and instructed in both. A fitting finale to his flying career was a deployment to Qatar in 2005 where he flew the UC-35 (an unarmed Cessna business jet) into airfields across the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia, including the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan (and most of the other ‘Stans). He has a Masters degree in Business Administration and handles the day to day operations of the business as well as the website. With many interesting parallels between motorcycling and flying, he brings a unique perspective to Top Gun Motorcycles. And whenever he can, he tries to keep up with Old Top Gun.

Elden “Old Top Gun” Carl

elden_closeupElden has been riding on and off road since 1955. A multiple trophied rider in the Tecate 500 and with years of Baja experience, he is widely recognized as a true multisurface expert. A proven innovator his whole life, he can back up his ingenuity in the shop with his riding on any curve – paved or dirt. Possibly less well-known among riders, but no less impressive, is his status as one of the five recognized founding “Masters” of modern combat handgunning. He shot alongside handgun legends Thell Reed, Ray Chapman, Jeff Cooper, and Jack Weaver, and won the Big Bear Leather Slap, the premiere quick-draw competition, from 1960-1962. Many of his techniques have become common practice with military and law enforcement shooters the world over.Elden is the creative mind behind many well-known KLR innovations, to include:

  • Recognized need for improved balancer lever
  • Ohlins shock on KLR (1992 by Stig Pattersson)
  • Aftermarket shift lever (MacDonald Products)
  • Fully sealed wheel bearings
  • Hard anodized front forks and modified stock dampeners
  • Improved wheels including 1.85″ front (stock too narrow)

  • Upper chain wheel to protect airbox
  • Shock shaft protector for swingarm and inner fender
  • Partially zerked Uni-Track lever
  • Triple density foam seats (1970’s)
  • One-off front and rear serrated foot pegs (MacDonald Products)
  • Modified speedo cable to prevent speedo damage
  • Zerked steering head
  • Manual fan switch with keyed lock-out

What Others Have to Say About Elden and Todd…

“…He (Elden) builds, studies, re-engineers and improves whatever his choice of mounts… He also has a lot of innate engineering ability and creativity.” “…He can ride the wheels off a motorcycle.”
– Scott Wexman, expert MSM and Trials rider, mechanical engineer

“…He (Elden) is probably the best all around mechanic and motorcycle set-up guy I have ever met. That is quite a statement from a guy who grew up racing motocross and who has worked in the motorcycle industry for over 20 years.”
– Garry Wright, pro motocross racer, expert MSM rider

“…(Todd) disciplined, highly skilled aviator and motorcyclist. He’s the guy I want on my side when things get interesting.”
– Jim Moore, Marine Attack Pilot, F-5 Aggressor Pilot, MSF Riding Instructor

“I am unable to give a definitive comment on Elden and Pauline two-up as (I) was never able to keep up. They are fast and smooth, no doubt, but how can you rate someone when all you see is their dust…”
– Bruce Redding, expert MSM rider, air-race and sport car racing champion

“When I first rode with Todd I didn’t expect much due to his limited riding experience. I soon found out his riding ability was quite substantial, but why not? After all, he was a Marine fighter pilot. Look out Elden!”
– Rod Morris, 40+ years expert MSM rider