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What's NEW!
We currently have several exciting products in various stages of design/production. We  
regard them as being important or useful upgrades to your bike. Here are some of our key
principles that guide our product development:

Weight is a serious concern that must be worth the trade-off. We take weight very seriously
since it greatly affects off-road performance. We balance adding any additional weight
carefully against the intended gain.

Engine reliability is more important than increased horsepower. You won't see us selling
aftermarket jet kits or other products searching for more power. Not that you can't get more
power from stock engines, but we feel that any engine improvements should be targeted
towards smoother operation, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

Proper suspension, chassis, and tire/wheel set-up equals success. If your bike is set-up
correctly for your weight and riding style, your chances of crashing are greatly decreased.
When you can confidently navigate off-road hazards, extra crash protection becomes less
important. Less (extra) crash protection equals less weight; less weight equals improved
handling, which leads to fewer crashes. See the cycle?

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